Dear Brothers of the Southwestern Region,

Now that all the district conferences are behind us, I want to take the very personal opportunity to say thank you to the Brothers of the Southwestern Region! Thank you for investing in me. Thank you for a twenty-seven year Alpha Journey, filled with significant milestones, that we have accomplished together as a Region. From the establishment of the Hobart Jarrett Debate Competition to highlight the talents of our College Brothers, to the passage of the A. Charles Haston Brothers Keepers’ Program to take care of our Senior Brothers, together we have made a difference.

I am totally transparent in my story, that the Southwestern Region is a region that “develops leaders,” as referenced in our mission statement. You developed me into a leader that you elected to be your Regional Assistant Vice President and Regional Vice President. I am reminded of the times we agreed, as well as those when we disagreed. No matter the final outcome, I always received your feedback in the spirit of brotherly love. Leadership can be tough because it exacts a great price and rightly so. However, the ethos of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. should always result in the selection and election of men, to office who “do not wince nor cry aloud” because of the burdens of providing effective leadership. Good stewardship is expected of every brother within the Fraternity and even more is expected of its leadership. Such leadership is not something that can be stated as proven and prudent leadership, unless it has been tried in the fire and all impurities and selfish qualms removed by the tests of a True Alpha Man.

You, the Brothers of the Southwestern Region, have tested me; you have made me a better candidate, thus I will be a better General President. As reflected by the graphic below, the current and past Leadership of the Southwestern Region is standing solidly with me. And with this message, I humbly ask for your vote and your support. I am asking, that you stand with me too.

Again, I thank you for the Brotherly love, and yes even the tough love. Now, let’s move forward and make our dear Alpha better.

Yours in the Alpha Movement!

Brother Roderick L. Smothers, Sr., Ph.D.
36th General President