Advancing the transformational impact of Alpha to positively change the world.

For 116 years, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.’s mission has been clear and unwavering. And as we continue to move toward our next century of transformational impact and service, the choice to Reignite Alpha is a conscious decision to re-engage with this august brotherhood, re-commit to our mission-driven goals and objectives, and together, re-imagine our National programs, partnerships, and operations to meet the challenges of a new era.

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Reignite Alpha

To Reignite Alpha is more than a motto, slogan, or catchphrase. It is the bold and decisive acknowledgment that Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. has the capacity and capital to help positively transform the lives of its members and the communities we serve.

To Reignite Alpha, we must utilize our professional and fraternal experiences and reimagine new ways to address the multidimensional challenges that have and continue to threaten our present and our future.

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Recommitting to our powerful mission focused on working with courage, intentionality, integrity and accountability.

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Reimagining our Fraternity’s National Programs, Partnerships, and Operations to meet the challenges of a new era.

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Reengaging Our Brotherhood for meaningful leadership, service and advocacy through personal and professional development, and meaningful fraternal service that honors our responsibility of being First!