Happy New Year Brother!

2020 has finally arrived, and as with the start of most new years, we set resolutions around personal goals in the hopes that we will compensate for the things that we let slip by in the past year. This cycle encourages us to reflect and stand in the contemplations of our truths. Admittedly, being a Nominee for General President has caused me to reflect more deeply on the true state of our Fraternity.

The fraternal accomplishments and challenges of 2019 are indeed numerous — I remain most troubled, however, by the data surrounding our reclamation dilemma and the fact that once again, unbrotherly experiences, remain among the top 3 reasons why Brothers leave Alpha Phi Alpha. Unfortunately, this is not a problem that leadership can resolve alone – our collective Brotherhood must tackle this urgent issue if indeed we want to see change.

I am writing today, therefore, to not only wish you and yours a Happy New Year but also to ask that you join me in making 2020 the Year of Brotherhood in our Fraternity! This is not a resolution; instead, it is a commitment to a set of timeless brotherhood values that, if honored, I believe, will make Alpha Phi Alpha a better, stronger Fraternity.

The Timeless Brotherhood Values are:
Respect for Self;
Respect for other Brothers;
Respect for the Fraternity and its Property (image, brand, and resources);
Commitment to Leadership;
Commitment to Excellence;
Commitment to Scholarship &
Commitment to Service

I believe firmly in the notion that “What the New Year brings to me, will depend a great deal on what I bring to the New Year.” This year, I will be promoting the Year of Brotherhood and the corresponding Timeless Brotherhood Values as I travel over the next six (6) months to promote the Alpha Movement Platform. I hope Brothers will join me in this Movement to eradicate the toxic elements (unbrotherly experiences) of the Fraternity’s culture so that 2020 might place us one year closer to our Transcendent Moment.

In the Year of Brotherhood, I remain,

Fraternally yours,

Roderick L. Smothers, Sr., Ph.D.
36th General President